Students With Curious Minds

Students in Akatoshie, Ghana With Curious Minds

Many of us remember our first days of summer…sleeping in! or just hanging out with friends. But these kids volunteer to come to class and learn more! These are our Brilliant But Needy kids who choose to come for an extra month of classes in English, Math, Science & Social Studies to learn from university volunteers.


Joy2theWorld and Curious Minds (SENA) have worked for months to coordinate the volunteers, get the approval of the Ministry of Education and Headmasters and also gain the trust of the PTA to open the doors of this public school during the summer break.


We bussed the volunteers into Akatoshie on Saturday, each assigned to a room in a home of local families. Orientation for the volunteers was held on Sunday evening. They set ground rules (respecting their host families, always keeping in mind that they are the children’s role models, etc.) and then all gathered for a group dinner (Ground nut soup on rice). We promised them 2 meals per day in exchange for their service.

The day has finally come and students are showing up to learn. University volunteers are fully transformed into teachers. Many may learn more as they watch their teachers spend their summer breaks giving back to Ghana. These Ghanaians are willing to be role models, showing a glimpse of possibility to students in rural Ghana. These young students have never been outside their village, unaware of a future attending university. We are opening up the world (certainly Accra!) to these young kids.

After class, students can stick around and learn beading, dance, art and drama. All of these add some fun but also provide subtle lessons in leading, teamwork, self discipline and more.

Students started the day with exams to determine their education needs. The final days will include exams as well to measure their growth. Stick around and find out how our kids are doing!

This is also a request for donations. We are in need of funds for school notebooks, pens, and chalk. We need to purchase final examination books. Also, your support in funds for meals (rice, rice and more, rice!) is appreciated. Every small donation is appreciated.