Nancy Barrera

Nancy Barrera, a good friend of Joy2theWorld, and a member of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, joined the team to introduce a simple version of a compost toilet. Sanitation is a huge concern for our women. We take so much for granted here. In rural Ghana, families are LUCKY to share an outhouse, using chemicals that are dangerous to the surrounding land. Today, thanks to Nancy, the women are building compost toilets, using only natural products, such as sawdust, to cure the odor and dissolve waste.

But little did we know or suspect that Nancy’s passion is recycling! Nancy created a recycling plant in California. We visited a recycling plant approximately 50 miles away (in Tema, near Accra) and we learned that the women could recycle the plastic bags that hold drinking water for the locals, often tossed aside as litter along the roads. Yes, a group of women formed a business collecting these littered bags for recycling. Today, collecting the litter has become a source of income and helped to clean the roadside at the same time. Thanks, Nancy!

Nancy Barrera image

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