“Buy a Bucket” for a Ghanaian family

Imagine living without a sink to wash your hands. Your donation of $40 will provide a convenience that we take for granted. Your $40 will improve sanitation practices, teach children the benefit of washing their hands before eating, and reduce disease. Mothers can use this to wash their children’s hands and faces, as well as their own. You can make a difference for a family with a simple donation of $40. Use the Paypal button on this page. Your donation is tax deductible.


“Thank you Joy2theWorld!” Women clients of the micro loan program were given an opportunity to “win” a Bucket to take home! The word spread like wildfire that those who arrived to the Open Forum early would be included in an early raffle draw. Thanks to generous online donors and matching donations from J2W, 45 buckets were raffled to an audience of over 125 women in attendance. These precious buckets provide a “faucet” (spigot), easy access to wash hands and faces at home.

Raffle drawings provided the fairest approach to distributing the buckets to the crowds. Ten tickets called at 10 am (those early arrivals at the meeting), then again at 11:30 a.m. and noon.


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